Our Story

Tarik Joyner and Ricardo Sanchez officially founded Chop Suey Entertainment in 2006.

At the time Tarik was a co-owner of MDM Entertainment LLC a small independent music label based out of Washington, DC and Ricardo was beginning to direct and produce small independent films. Knowing each other on a personal basis for several years prior they had their first opportunity to work together in 2005.

Tarik had left his company and joined Hoodsheep Productions another music label and was able to hire Ricardo as a director for several visual media projects including work on the music video “I Like To Dance” for the music label.

After this experience the two friends decided they enjoyed the experience and wanted to explore further creative production ideas together. By joining Ricardo’s creative experience as a content creator and visionary story teller along with Tarik’s twenty plus years of executive and administrative experience they had the formula that would be the seedling that has grown into Chop Suey Entertainment.

The decision to throw their hat into a landscape already filled with several companies the deciding factor was they truly felt that they had great stories to tell, stories that the did not see being made by the larger industry that has become in recent times focused on recycling older stories.  Their second major decision was to buck the trend to head west to California or to move north to New York instead basing their company in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

As Ricardo said at the time instead of us going to Hollywood…we’re going to bring the business to us. It was and continues to be a gutsy call with a lack of major opportunities available in the area. But the company has managed to overcome these limitation and branch into two distinct areas.

Chop Suey Entertainment is focused on creating new, original and interesting story concepts for the general public lead primarily by Ricardo. The company has also begun to branch into corporate and private film and media production as of 2012.

Our clients  have included a Local Government Agency in the DC area, production of campaign videos for a candidate running for a chair position in Prince William County, work for MVLE a non-profit based out of Alexandria, Virginia and the United Cerebral Palsy another non-profit, and DC Life Magazine to name a few.

Our team of savvy and creatively inspired professionals is dedicated to continuing this legacy by designing creative media solutions, from expertly crafted videos to digital media products for our clients needs. We have the talent, the tools, and the know-how to engage the audience.