Mission Statement

The mission of Chop Suey Entertainment is to produce and market creative entertainment media projects which will take multiple forms as diverse as film, written and visual media.  Our goal is to create projects that move, motivate and inspire our audience in fully embodying the qualities and consciousness of the dreamer’s ethos. We want our audience to be drawn into our media in such a way that they become vested in the characters and projects we create as much as we have dedicated, dreamed and breathed into them.
Chop Suey was created to bring an outlet for those individuals who are seeking something that no longer seems to be embodied in the majority of film, and visual media that is released today…soul and creativity. The film industry has been taken hostage by the corporate suits of the industry and ruled with an iron will. Anything that does not meet with their approval or conform to their outline gets buried.

There are many hungry actors, producers, directors and a variety of creative individuals who have a desire to enter into the entertainment field. They want to get in the door and make something happen as a means of improving their position in life and that is what Chop Suey Entertainment is about.

For those individuals with the raw determination, nerves of steel, and willingness to do what has to be done to succeed there is a new gang of rebels in town and we plan to knock the gate off the hinges and like Sinatra, we’re going to do it our way.

We want to make the art of story telling fun again not about repackaging what has already been done. If you know the enjoyment of a dream then you truly understand what drives and powers our company.